Third Century Solutions


Third Century Solutions

The Best of the Oregon Transformation Newsletter

Phil Knight, Co-founder of NIKE

“Left unchecked, PERS will just, very simply, sink the whole state.”


-March 2017 Newsletter

State Senator Betsy Johnson

”The governor is pleasant and has enthusiasm, but she has yet to rise to the challenge of acting independently of the unions or, for that matter, her party politics.”

-July 2017 Newsletter

Senator Ron Wyden

“Even the most ardent supporter of the Affordable Care Act would say there are things that could be improved. The law has benefited millions of Americans, but there are some who could be helped by further changes.”

-January 2017 Newsletter

Mike Keiser, owner of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

"Oregon has always been an anti-development state and culture. For years they put up billboards that said, “Visit but do not stay.” The thing they fear is unfettered development. That hasn’t changed in the last 30 years."

-February 2018 Newsletter


Dr. Lucia Martinez-Valdiva

”In some ways, we’ve learned to see people not as individuals with lots of different and differing thoughts and opinions, but people as those thoughts and ideas. No one thinks identically to anyone else, and that is what attention to nuance can help us remember.”

-January 2018 Newsletter


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